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Let's learn about Autism

In this learning library we dive into
building your understanding about Autism.
One of the biggest challenges for early years educators is that we are most often working with children pre-diagnosis of Autism. So while we may have made observations and recognised some of the signs that a child is displaying, we cannot truly say if this child has autism until this is formally diagnosed. We must be careful not to label children without this diagnosis.
It is really important that we continue to grow our knowledge about how to best work effectively with neurodiverse children so that we can support them in their learning and development.

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As early childhood educators, we often recognise the signs of Autism before a child is officially diagnosed. And we will undoubtedly work with children across the Autism Spectrum throughout our careers. But many of us will not necessarily be as equipped to work effectively with Autistic children as we would like to be.

Watch Suzie Agha from Autism Awareness Australia to learn;
  • The signs of Autism in young children.
  • Strategies and skills for building connections and working effectively with Autistic children in group care.
  • Suggestions for sensitive communication with families of Autistic children.

Resources for Educators

Grow your basket of knowledge about Autism with these helpful resources

Recognising the signs of Autism

As early childhood educators we have sound knowledge of usual patterns of child development. Spotting the signs of Autism is not necessarily in our area of expertise. 

But even so, it is useful to notice and identify "red flags" in children's behaviour or communication patterns so that we can take action to seek further help if necessary.

We recommend reading these "Signs of Autism in children" here from Autism Awareness Australia.

Still looking for more on Autism?

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The Autism Cafe: Flappy hands, happy hearts

This is an informative page full of blogs and resources written by a mother of two Autistic children.
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Autism Spectrum Australia Face Book Group

This is a highly informative and active FaceBook group worth following to stay up to date.

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Autistic and
Unapologetic Blog Post

Autistic & Unapologetic is an autism awareness site founded by one lad on a journey to find out what makes him (autis)tic. A page well worth exploring!
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