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Welcome to 
ECE Learning Unlimited

We are on a mission to;
Make the world a better place for children.

By making the education jungle more straightforward and more knowledge filled for early years educators and leaders.

Timely, valuable learning content.
A beautifully curated, cost-effective, accessible platform.

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Children are our future

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We think that children deserve nothing but the best.
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Educators and leaders in early years environments are dedicated and passionate but busy people who need support and resources to help them be the best for children and families.

Because curiosity shouldn't stop just because you're an adult!

We don’t mean to toot our horn (well… maybe just a tiny honk)

But we’re pretty damn good at consolidating everything you need to keep ahead of the game when it comes to your early childhood education knowledge and skills.

Want to know what makes us so great, find out how we got started, and see where we’re taking this amazing business?

Well we're happy to share...

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Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.
When you’re caught up in the day-to-day of teaching and caring for children, it can be tricky to find a spare minute to poke around the internet for resources and information to help build your knowledge base.

That’s the whole reason ECE Learning Unlimited
was founded in the first place.

Designed to be a one-stop online hub full of webinars, courses, and useful information, it saves you valuable hours Googling your heart out – hours which can be better spent actively
learning and teaching your fabulous children.

Our Values

We are serious about our intentions but don’t take
ourselves too seriously.
Relationships and social responsibility are at
the heart of our work. It’s possible to make
money without harming anyone.
We are all learning all the time. Mistakes
are learning opportunities. Having high standards
matters. Being perfect does not.
This business is only as good as the people
who are part of it. We invite the right people
to join our mission who have the required skills
and qualities, but who also care deeply about

outcomes for children.
We are always human in our approach - we act with
respect and humility and a healthy pinch of humour.

Honesty, bravery and integrity in our words and
actions always.
We aim high. Children deserve nothing less than our best.
Everyone matters in our team.
We focus on our customer's experience and all else
will follow.

Accessible, affordable, quality products and services.

Kia ora, G'day, Hello, Welcome!

We’re the brains, muscles, and good looks behind ECE Learning Unlimited.

Our Team 

Angela Bush (Director)
As a centre owner, manager, mentor,
lecturer and professional learning facilitator, Angela has been a passionate contributor to the ECE sector
 for 30+ years.
Barbara Watson PhD (Mentor)
A qualified early childhood and primary teacher who has owned and managed early childhood centres. She has been a facilitator and mentor since 2008. Barbara is a passionate ECE mentor.
Angela Foley BEM (Director)
Recognised By HM Queen Elizabeth for her services to children, families, and education. Angela has dedicated 40+ years to ECE in the UK and NZ.
Sara Soper (Platform Manager)
From a business management an administration background, most recently in the ECE sector. Sara is passionate about supporting educators and keeping our platform thriving.
Bridgit Williams (Mentor)
A professional learning facilitator and mentor. Bridgit believes effective leadership and ongoing professional learning are key to improving the quality of early childhood education.

Jennifer Biggs (Administrator)
Jennifer brings her skills from her retail career to ensure the content on the ECELU platform is ready to go and easy to access.
As a mum Jen brings insight from a parent and has outcomes for children at the forefront of her mind. 

Your success is our success,
and we 
can't wait to walk alongside you in your learning journey.

Write your awesome label here.

We know you’re busy doing the hands-on stuff, so we’re here to support you and share everything we know in easily-consumable bits.

We are also super on top of everything early childhood, researching best practices, building courses, and digging into groundbreaking data on the regular.