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Our members want current, useful professional learning options that allow everyone in their team to learn and grow individually and together. They want it on demand so they can learn when it suits them, and they don't want the cost to make their eyes water.
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Join our Members Club as a team to unlock the potential of your staff and create a thriving team growing great practice together.
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Unlimited access
to all our webinars
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Full access to our

Open 24/7 and easily acccessible on any device.

Professional learning from experts worldwide

Choose content to reach your learning goals.

Make a difference for your team

What makes a difference for the families and children in your care?  

Motivated, stable, connected staff.

What makes a difference to staff performance, retention and job satisfaction? 

Support for ongoing professional growth.


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How does it work?

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Invest in your team.
Just one subscription for unlimited access to our entire library of learning opportunities

Choose the subscription that's right for you

We understand that every individual, centre, or organisation has unique needs.
That's why our membership offers different tiers to cater to diverse requirements:

Team of 5 

Up to 5 users
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 Enjoy unlimited access to our resources, webinars, and courses with monthly or annual subscriptions. Work together to reach your learning goals.
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Team of 15

Up to 15 Users
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Ideal for ECE centres. Foster a culture of continuous learning and development within your team with our monthly or annual subscriptions.
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Team of 30

Up to 30 Users 
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For multi site groups this subscription offers special pricing and access to all the benefits of the club across your organisation.
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Not sure which subscription is best for your team? 
Let us customise a subscription to suit your needs
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Cost effective, accessible, professional learning
and resources for your team

Open 24/7 for flexible learning options
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ECELU Members Club Benefits

We have partnered with these incredible companies to give back to our Members Club subscribers. 
From discounts to special access to exclusive events see what Members can claim from our partners: 

Frequently asked questions

Is there any minimum membership timeframe or obligation to stay?

We have no desire to trap people in a payment plan they have to jump through hoops to get out of. If you don't love us there is no obligation to stay. Simply cancel your membership and we can still be friends.

Can I track the progress of my team?

Users group managers can see extensive reports on the progress of their team. In real time, you will see your team progress through their learning and gain certificates for their learning records. 

How much content can my team members acess?

All of it. Every single piece of learning content we create is all yours. You can join any of our live webinars, access all of our recorded webinars, and jump into our online courses without any limits. On any device, anywhere, any time. No judgments from us about what you wear when you do it.

What if there are changes in my team?

You have full control of the users in your subscription. Add and remove users as they come and go from your team. Users will keep their login with records of their learning and can be added to a new team or join as an individual in their new role. 

Do my team members need a company email? 

Not at all. Any email can be used to register. Some of your team may already have a login with us. Just enter their email in the "add a user" section and the membership will be added to their login. They will not lose any of their past progress, it will give them more access to content and allow you to work together. 

Can I print certificates for my team? 

Users can claim and download a certificate for every course and webinar that you complete. These are great for your professional learning records and evidence of your professional growth. Your certificates are easily accessible via your user group manager dashboard and can downloaded as PDF's for printing.