Sue Kurtovich

Early Childhood Management Consulting
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Sue Kurtovich is a highly experienced and trusted voice in the early childhood sector in New Zealand. She is our "go-to" person for factual information and reliable updates on policy and regulatory updates in early childhood education. Sue has created a range of useful courses and recorded webinars to support ECE managers and center owners, which are available for single purchase or through our membership subscription.

  • Specialist in early childhood education (ECE) centre administration and management
  • Over 30 years of sector experience
  • Extensive knowledge of the ECE regulatory environment
  • Strong policy and advocacy background
  • Confident and competent public speaker
  • Developer, designer and presenter of professional learning and development programmes
  • Former childcare centre owner, manager and administrator - 15 years
  • Former President of the largest representative body of licensed early childhood education centres in New Zealand, the Early Childhood Council (ECC) and Chief Executive - 12 years
  • Advisor, Life Member and Patron of the Early Childhood Council

1-130 Live Webinar 

Unravelling the frequent absence rules

The frequent absence rules are often a confusing piece of the funding puzzle for ECE managers. Understanding these rules and ensuring you are compliant is critical to successful operations and your financial survival.

Join Sue Kurtovich who will;

  • Explain in detail how the complex Absence rules work
  • Provide tips on how to reduce the number of children who end up on your monthly absence report
  • Provide advice on how to minimise the loss of income when children do end up breaching the absence rules

Ask Sue

👉 On 28th May Sue will talk about “Being RS7 ready.”
As ECE managers and owners prepare to complete your RS7, it is important to ensure you have everything correct in the system to avoid missing out on funding or getting yourself in trouble when it comes to an audit. Sue K will talk us through being RS7 ready on 28th May at 2pm. Feel free to bring any questions you have on this topic or any other burning issues.

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