LoveHeart is an AI educator-aide that uses your observations to help you understand a child's development and how to extend learning by writing learning stories, daily journals, learning plans, and reflections in seconds.

Create impactful, meaningful cycles of planning in seconds.
Expand your practice with personalised developmentally appropriate suggestions that reduce bias and improve outcomes. Reflect critically with personalised coaching. And document and share what happened with beautiful, outcome-linked stories, letters and diary entries.

Your personalised, context-aware practice and pedagogy coach.
Discuss and shape exceeding practices. Collaborate on specific behaviours or developmental questions. And much more. Always available at no cost.

Work together. Share with families.
Work together to develop a child's planning cycle and develop your practice through coaching. Share your work with families in 21 different languages.

As a member you can receive: 

  • 10 % off Individual Plans - Use the code ECEUNLIMITED10
  • 20% off Team Plans - Use the code ECEUNLIMITED20 
Himal Randeniya, Founder and CEO of LoveHeart AI, is an inspiring figure in Early Childhood Education. As a visionary leader at LoveHeart AI, he innovatively combines AI technology with child-focused educational strategies, revolutionising ECE. Beyond LoveHeart AI, Himal's role as a mentor and strategist in the startup ecosystem reflects his broader impact on education. His journey from a family-run preschool to leading a tech company in the same field showcases his dedication to ECE. Himal's rare mix of technical skill, market insight, and genuine passion for ECE makes him a standout figure in educational technology, dedicated to enriching children's learning experiences.
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Himal Randeniya
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Anand Rego is the Co-Founder and Head of Empowerment at LoveHeart AI, a pioneering force in Early Childhood Education (ECE) through ethical AI utilisation. With over 25 years of corporate experience in Online Education, Banking, and Consulting across Australia, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East, Anand is now instrumental in shaping LoveHeart AI's mission to transform ECE. His passion lies in coaching leaders and teams to enhance intrinsic motivation, cross-functional collaboration, and continuous improvement, all with a holistic "systems" approach.
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Anand Rego
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Jennifer Popham is the Community Engagement Specialist at LoveHeart AI with a decade of experience in the Early Childhood Education sector. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from New Zealand, Jennifer has taught in services in both New Zealand and Australia. Her passion for nurturing young learners and her commitment to advancing the field of ECE make her a valuable asset to LoveHeart AI. Jennifer's experience and dedication to early childhood education reflect her commitment to achieving the best outcomes for children.
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Jen Popham
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