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Welcome to Enspirement!

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There’s no wishy-washiness when you’re an early childhood professional.
You can’t be average, you can’t wing it, you can’t rely on decades old theory that should be relegated to the archives.  

Our next generation are relying on you.  

No pressure, right?  

This is why we developed Enspirement Learning.

  Staying on top of best practices, new technologies, and up-to-the-minute tools and teaching methods feels like a job in itself, so by offering you a centralised location for online courses and webinars we have cut down the stress, time, and costs associated with ongoing learning.

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The one stop space for ongoing Learning for ECE professionals 
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One place for Early Childhood Educators and Leaders to have Unlimited 24/7 Access to… 

Live and Recorded Webinars

Members only Community and Support

Short Courses and Toolboxes

Resources and Templates for Teachers and Leaders

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Ongoing Professional Learning for
ECE Educators and Leaders

 Live Webinars

Our regularly scheduled live webinars bring experts to you (virtually) and are designed to keep you up to date in your practice.
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Short Courses

A range of courses for ECE educators, leaders, and managers.

100% online and exactly what you need to stay sharp.

Webinar Library

A constantly growing library of recorded webinars that you can access any time.

Topics that grow practice for educators, leaders, and managers.

Podcast Interviews

Presenting current audio interviews with relevant professionals.

Listen while you walk to short snippets of information to keep you up to date in ECE.

Ongoing Professional Learning for
ECE Educators and Leaders

Our philosophy

Enspirement is strongly influenced by Magda Gerber’s philosophies and principles, with respect for all children, including babies, at the core of everything we do.  We are also super on top of everything early childhood, researching best practices, building courses, and digging into groundbreaking data on the regular.

We know you’re busy doing the hands-on stuff, so we’re here to support you and share everything we know in easily-consumable bits.

Enspirement learning exists to save you time, money, and stress.
Here’s how:

Access the online classroom anytime, anywhere.

Stress free access to professional learning

No need to take time out from work, sit in traffic, or stress over car parking. These courses are available in our digital classroom 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every course includes short videos, additional reading, tools, and resources to help build your knowledge and practice.

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Affordable professional learning that won’t make your eyes water
(or bank balance hurt).
Pick your course and know the cost up front. No sneaky fees or hidden payments.

A huge range of options
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If you’re a centre or manager, you can even register multiple team members and save yourself the big costs of in-person workshops.

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Research-based and delivered by experts in early childhood education teaching and leadership.

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All Enspirement courses and webinars are delivered by skilled, experienced, early childhood professionals. Our course facilitators have years of experience in ECE and really know their stuff.

We only invite people with a proven track record in the sector to write and deliver courses.

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Human resources support for
ECE services

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FREE web listings for ECE services so new parents can find you

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Compliance and best practice in ECE made easy

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Take a look at our Enspires

It's like Pinterest but for early childhood teachers. And has sooooo much more!
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Michelle Johnston
Manager St Andrews Epsom ECC

"I have really enjoyed the webinars that I have accessed through Enspirement. They have been relevant and contained lots of helpful material for our professional growth as a centre. As well as the flexibility to watch the recorded webinars in our own time, they are affordable which means we can access more PLD with our PLD budget!"
Renee Liu
Active Explorers Camrose

"As a green hand, I highly recommend to anyone who has just started their leader journey. Bridgit is an amazing mentor who designs these series of online lessons to cover and deepen the six teaching standards. It has provided me with abundant relevant strategies, tools and resources. It also guided me to check what knowledge l master and what knowledge and skill gaps I have so far as a leader. The course provided me more time to review and reflect my practice through the wonderful resources in the online classroom. 
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Take a look at our range of short courses for teachers and leaders

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Welcome to Enspirement Learning, an initiative we’re pretty proud of. With a focus on collecting and consolidating sector information and best practice, we’re here to enable you to learn, grow, and improve your already-amazing early childhood education skills.

I’m Angela Bush, founder, Kiwi, ECE maven (isn’t that a cool word?), and fan of getting the giggles. And I’m supported by the best crew going around.

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Enspirement learning takes the boring, like-walking-through-mud, unproductive hours you’d otherwise spend Googling for new data and improved best practices, and converts them into practical, productive units of time instead.

You're welcome!

Here’s what Enspirement actually offers:

  • Courses, webinars, and other resources that are constantly being updated and added to.
  • A super supportive community of like-minded early childhood educators via our exclusive Facebook group.
  • Online-based learning, so you can log in and work from anywhere in the world (pandemic-permitting, of course).
  • A user-friendly interface, so you don’t have to be a tech whiz to work everything out -Instant access as soon as you register.
  • Live webinars, so you can be at the forefront of new and emerging ECE best practices.
  • A library of recorded webinars, so you can top up your knowledge bank any time you like.
  • Support, if you need it.

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Accessible, affordable, ongoing learning for ECE professionals