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6-008 Podcast 
Making Meaningful Music In ECE
Date: 3rd June 2021
Duration: Approx. 20 min
There can be no denying - children love music! And many ECE teachers do too, but we may not always have the confidence to express ourselves musically. Enter Anne Belcher - music teacher, and the most passionate, fun, enthusiastically musical ECE person I have ever met.

Anne says…“I am all about inspiring families and educators to bring the joy of music back to early childhood.Why? Because making music makes us happy! And happy children thrive – they are more willing to engage in learning and develop meaningful relationships."

"Children experience joy and unconscious learning through music – when they feel the beat, when they sing, play musical instruments, dance and move their bodies, and when they actively listen to a range of different musical styles. But many parents and educators lack confidence in their own ability to make music with their children.” Hence Anne Has Created

I have personally completed Anne’s music programme “The Five Branches of Music” and can highly recommend this!

If you are an ECE teacher who needs to lift your music curriculum, then you will enjoy this podcast interview with Anne.

You can also find Anne’s inspiring videos on You Tube where you will find plenty of great ideas for your music curriculum.

Check out Anne’s You Tube Channel
Presented by Angela Bush, Joined by Anne Belcher

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