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 6-005 Podcast
Leadership In Early Childhood Education
Date: February 2021
Duration: Approx. 52 min
Today I am excited to bring to you an interview with an experienced and respected leader in ECE, Aimee Macaskill. Aimee is the manager of the University of Auckland’s early childhood centres, and was one of six selected nationwide to receive an ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA) in 2020. Aimee oversees the day-to-day running of the University’s six childcare centres, including a Kohanga Reo and kohungahunga. An incredibly humble leader, Aimee is also a mother, foster parent, early childhood teacher and mentor to many.

In this interview I ask Aimee to share how she came to be in the position she is today, and how she manages the complexity and responsibility of such a large and important role.
Aimee also shares two top pieces of advice for new or aspiring ECE leaders:
Have an open mind and come with a clean slate to a new leadership role.
Make sure you take care of yourself - self care is huge! Make sure that you work to create a capable and confident team that can function well without you always there.
If you are new to leadership in ECE, or working at your development as a leader, this podcast interview will give you some valuable learnings from an experienced and respected ECE leader in New Zealand.

Today I asked Aimee:
  • What does she love about leading and managing such a large organisation?
  • What are her biggest challenges?
  • How did she learn the ropes as a leader?
  • Who has mentored and inspired Aimee?
  • What are her limitations and how does she manage these?
  • How can leaders create a positive culture in their ECE services that supports the growth and job satisfaction for all?

“I’m Really Passionate About Having Great Leadership In Our Centres. I Try To Create Meaningful Relationships With Our Centre Leaders And Understand Deeply What’s Going On In Their Lives Professionally And Personally So They Are Fully Supported. You Need Happy And Engaged Staff To Have Happy And Engaged Children.”

Presented by Angela Bush Joined by Aimee Macaskill

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