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Ongoing learning is now made even easier...

Keep on top of your up skilling,
for less than the cost of a single course

You already know that at ECE Learning Unlimited we provide a centralised location for online courses and webinars.
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And now, we’re making it even easier for you to be at the top of your online learning game.  

We’re launching our new Members Club in January 2022, and we’re inviting you to be one of the first to join.

We’re always brainstorming ways to provide better tools and resources for early childhood education superstars (that’s you!) and we think we’ve struck gold here.

An exclusive Members Club!

Now you’ll not only get immediate access to all of our resources, but also a brilliant community of other early childhood educators and experts.

  And if you’re an early childhood centre, you can provide a consolidated and streamlined membership for all your staff, 
so they’re always up to date on best practice.

Get on the launch list to access the founding members price

The ECE Learning Unlimited Members Club offers:

A genuinely supportive and welcoming community of like-minded professionals

A centralised and easy to manage hub for all staff at your early childhood centre

Immediate access to top quality learning opportunities, including webinars, courses, and materials created by experienced ECE leaders

Money back in your pocket and time back in your calendar

So, if you prioritise staying current with the latest expectations and requirements in ECE and you want to continue to learn and grow as a professional, the ECE Learning Unlimited Members Club will tick all the boxes.

We think that deserves a gold star!

  The Members Club is exactly what you need it to be:

  • Instant, 24/7 access to everything ECE, from webinars to courses to podcasts.
  • A community of ECE superstars that all want to provide exceptional care to children.
  • Online and easy to navigate, so you don’t have tech stress slowing you down.
  • Tools and resources created by experts in the field.
  • An affordable price, with a limited launch offer for new members.
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Designed to be a one-stop online centre full of webinars, courses, and valuable information, ECE Learning Unlimited saves you valuable hours Googling your heart out – hours which can be better spent actively learning.   We know you’re busy doing the hands-on stuff, so we’re here to support you and share everything we know in easily-consumable bits.

And now we’ve decided to save you even more time, with our brand spanking new Members Club.

You’ll have immediate access to new tools and resources the moment they’re available, plus a ticket to the coolest club in town – our exclusive Facebook group, where you can talk shop, share ideas, discuss emerging trends, and socialise with other ECE legends.

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Read. Watch. Learn. Grow

Webinars covering everything from developing children's social competence, to planning for infants and toddlers.

Short courses supporting growth in a range of areas of practice including leadership, mentoring, strategic planning, and how to implement primary caregiving.

A community of amazing early learning professionals just like you. Jump into one of our regular live sessions or join the conversations in our private members only Facebook group.

All the content you need and the support that you crave from experienced leaders that care about your success – and the wellbeing of the children you care for.  

Some of the ECE Learning Unlimited Members Club resources include:

Strategic Planning
primary caregiving
Curriculum leadership
Sucessful Internal Evaluation
Using Te Whaariki in every day practice
where to next with dispositions?
setting up for success with ero
fundamental teaching strategies
effective transitions
Effective Mentoring
te tiriti based practice
defining your local curriculum
planning for infants and toddlers
Conduct and competence
professional growth cycles
Developing a quality practice template
using te Ara Poutama
Supporting social competence

And so much more!

Join the waiting list for Members Club Opening in January 2022.

Bridgit Williams

Barbara Watson

Members club brought to you by 

ECE Learning Unlimited and InspirED ECE 

*Get in now to take advantage of this founding members price that will only be available
 For new members in the first three months.

Choose the plan that works for you

Low monthly individual membership

$24.90 NZD pp 
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  • Cancel any time
  • Immediate access to webinars, short courses, tools and resources
  • Access to the exclusive Members Club community

*Best Value Individual Membership

$269.00 NZD pp
for a whole year of professional learning

Founding members price, available only until March 2022!

  • 12 months unlimited membership
  • Immediate access to webinars, short courses, tools and resources
  • Access to the exclusive Members Club community

Group Membership

$23.90 monthly pp 5 - 19 members
$22.90 monthly pp 20 - 29 members
$21.90 monhtly pp 30 + members
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  • All the benefits for multiple members in one centre or across a group of ECE services
  • Include a membership to unlimited professional learning as part of your employment package

  • Get all of your teachers or leaders learning the same content together and creating improved shared practice

Frequently asked questions

What do I get in members club?

You get unlimited 24/7 access to all of our webinar recordings, live webinar, short courses, tools, templates and resources. We are adding new items to members club every month. The learning is ongoing!

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes any time. We would be sorry to see you go, but we understand. On a monthly payment plan simply let us know it's time for you to go, cancel your payment, and it's done. For annual membership there is no refund for unused months.

Can we replace a person in our team membership if someone leaves our service?

Yes no problemo! If someone leaves your service that you have paid for, we can simply remove them from the membership and replace them with your new team member. Easy Peasy.

Can I sign up multiple team members across a group of ECE services?

Yes! Our group membership means that if you manage more than one ECE service, you can enrol multiple teachers and leaders from across your group. We manage all of the memberships for you. So if anyone leaves we can easily remove them from your group membership and replace them with someone new. We can also provide regular reports on which parts of the membership each of your team have utilised, courses completed, and webinars watched so that you know your team is making the most of this amazing opportunity.

Don’t miss the special launch discount!

Join the Waiting List for Members Club
Memberships are coming in January 2022. Be the First to hear when the doors are opening!
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