Rachel Hill

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Rachel Hill founded Hillside Childcare in 2007.  She was a dedicated and driven member of the early years sector and built up a chain of 4 successful childcare settings.  After 16 years in the industry Rachel sold Hillside in June 23.
During her directorship, Rachel achieved Outstanding gradings from Ofsted and a number of business awards.
As well as having a special interest in all things early years, Rachel is extremely passionate about SEND for children, young people and their families and also the workforce.
Rachel has worked with different agencies over the years at both a local and national level and is excited to deliver webinars on a global platform, she says ‘The work of ECE Learning is inspiring and new for the early years sector and I am thrilled to be involved to share my knowledge and ideas around the wonderful world of send, I am very much committed to their mission of wanting to make the world a better place for children.

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