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Printable Whakatauki collection for ECE

Whakatauki are commonly used as inspirations in speeches and also as gentle reminders spoken to each other in everyday life. They are poetic expressions of wise sayings which allude to symbols native to Māori in Aotearoa.

For early childhood teachers we often use whakatauki as inspiration and guidance for our work with tamariki. We have gathered together a set of 15 printable whakatauki so that you can create your own collection for use in your ECE service.

Simply download, print, laminate and share these whakatauki in your play areas or non contact space for teachers to refer to when writing learning stories. Or upload them to your social media, Educa or Story Park to share with families.
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Created by Angela Bush
B.ed (ECE Teaching), Dip Tch ECE, Dip Nursing
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