1-027 Supporting Children's Self Regulation

Presented by Bridgit Williams from Inspired ECE

Recorded Webinar

Starting date

17 June 2021


Approx 75 minutes 


$30 per person

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What you are going to learn

Supporting Children's Self Regulation

Self-regulation is the act of managing thoughts and feelings to enable appropriate actions. For example; finding ways to cope with strong feelings so they don’t become overwhelming; learning to focus and shift attention; and successfully controlling behaviours required to get along with others. Supporting self-regulation in young children ought to be a priority for any ECE teacher. 

Focusing on self-regulation is an investment in later success, because strong self-regulation in the early years correlates with healthy emotional stability, good performance in school, satisfactory relationships with others, and fewer behavioural difficulties. Young children’s self-control skills — such as conscientiousness, self-discipline and perseverance — predict their health, wealth and criminal history in later life regardless of IQ or social background (The Dunedin Study, 2011). Supporting children to become socially competent citizens and lifelong learners is a key objective of Te Whāriki and self-regulation is integral to this.

This webinar includes;
  • An introduction to teaching strategies and curriculum that support children’s self-regulation and social competence.
  • Identification of what self-regulation looks like at different stages of early childhood.
  • How to support parents in encouraging self-regulation with their children.

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Bridigt Williams

MProfStud(Ed); BA (Ed); DipTchgECE; PGDip Montessori
Bridgit has been a professional learning facilitator and mentor since 2008, previously with EC Professional Support at the University of Auckland. She believes effective leadership and ongoing professional learning are key to improving quality in early childhood education.

Bridgit completed her Masters degree in early 2015, looking specifically at the induction and mentoring of ECE teachers. Her professional interests include effective leadership and communication, inclusive teaching practice, intentional teaching and implementing authentic curriculum.