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1-113 Recorded Webinar 
Respecting play through child voice
Duration: Approx. 45 min
Play is essential, yet how do we dig beneath the surface of activities and projects to place play at the centre of the early childhood curriculum? Through tuning in and amplifying the child’s voice as observed through play. Join Tiffany to unpack the concepts of child led play, child voice and how it all comes together to honour play as pivotal to early childhood and learning.
Presented by Tiffany Ross
Simplifying Childhood
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What others have to say about this webinar  

It really helped me a lot to understand children’s voice through different modes like their non verbal language, the level of interest they have in their play, their involvement, interaction. As a teacher in training, it boost my learning.
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Extremely inspirational and lots of thoughtful ideas for putting child's voice first
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This was very mind provoking and gives me lots of ideas and how to relook at how I do things.
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2024 E-seminar

Honoring the right for children to play
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About the Webinar Presenter

Tiffany Ross 
Simplifying Childhood Australia
Master of Education 
Bachelor of Education 
Bachelor of Human Services (Child and Family Studies)

Bringing together 15 years of educational experience Tiffany works with parents and educators to make learning more playful and place children at the heart, tackling the big topics of managing emotions, planning for play, and raising the child's voice. Having worked in a range of child care and educational settings, Tiffany brings a unique spin to child development and learning, stripping back the 'should's' and the 'must dos' to simplify childhood development and the learning process.

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