3-019 Resource 
Speaking thoughtfully and respectfully to empower children

This is a collection for ECE educators of thoughtful ways to speak positively and respectfully to empower children. Download, print and make a handy booklet that you can quickly tap into when you need some inspiration or reminders.

This set includes;
  • Things to say to children instead of "stop crying."
  • Open ended questions that help children's thinking.
  • Simon Says prompts.
  • Things to say to affirm children.
  • Ways to leave the mat or group time.
  • Helpful positive phrases for ECE teachers that empower children.

Created By Angela Bush 

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About the Creator

Angela Bush

Angela is a degree qualified and registered ECE teacher, multiple ECE centre owner, curriculum leader and business manager of ECE Learning Unlimited. With over thirty years in ECE and centre ownership, Angela has a wealth of experience and knowledge in successful ECE leadership and centre management.
Over the years Angela has also had roles as a lecturer in ECE, nanny, teacher, and mentor. Angela has a particular passion for infants and toddlers and for providing the best possible educare that we can for our youngest children. She has a bias for the RIE approach, and is on a mission to help other ECE professionals love this philosophy too.