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1-110 Recorded Webinar 
The Language of Autonomy is Play
Duration: Approx. 45 min
The competent child can only remain competent if they are given the time, space and permission to practice. Play is vital not only as a space to practice but also for well-being. Autonomy is essential for all human mental health, regardless of age, and for children their autonomy is mostly expressed as play.

Join Suzanne Axelsson as she explores what is play, beyond the normative, and the need for adults to curate safe and brave spaces for child autonomy.

Presented by Suzanne Axelsson
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What others have to say about this webinar  

An amazing webinar, thought provoking, highlighted many important things about play, my brain is spinning thinking of what we do in our mahi as teachers and as a group / organisation.
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Amazing speaker! So inspiring to hear someone with such deep expertise and knowledge on children and their needs. Thank you so much for facilitating!
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This is a lovely way to present what autonomy looks like in play and how teachers will support the tamariki in the classroom. 
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2024 E-seminar

Honoring the right for children to play

About the Webinar Presenter

Suzanne Axelsson

Suzanne is from Stockholme. She is a play activist, author, blogger, presenter, pedagogical consultant. Original Learning Approach: weaving play, learning and teaching together. Svenska and English!
Her aim is to motivate and encourage creativity, as well as opportunities to reflect deeply and consider sustainable changes.

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