1-013 Getting To Know You With Pennie Brownlee

Presented by Pennie Brownlee.

Recorded Webinar

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24th March 2021


Approx 75 Minutes


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What you are going to learn

Getting To Know You With Pennie Brownlee

In this session we explore how we might match our cultural imperatives to the child’s biological imperatives. This alignment avoids the damage that non-alignment visits on the children in our care.
Just as any understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and te Ao Maori asks that we who are Tauiwi get very conscious of the stories, beliefs, values and practices in our own culture first, we need to undergo a similar exercise around our stories, beliefs and values in relation to children. Out of those ‘unseen cultural quantum packages’ has grown our disastrous treatment of children (and their families), both within families and in/by institutions: Oranga Tamariki, in state care (‘rescued’ from families), childcare centres, schools, the courts, correctional facilities. 

We bring you this webinar with Pennie Brownlee who is known and loved in New Zealand for her books, her residential retreats for parents and teachers, and for her straight talking, passionate approach to early childhood education.The biology of babies hasn’t changed over the eons, and neither have their biological needs, but cultures have changed dramatically.

Babies and young children thrive in cultures that respond  to the actual needs of the child, rather than to ‘cultural-made-up’ ideas of that they need. According to the research from neuroscience and ethnographic-paediatrics, traditional Western cultures have strayed (more than nearly all other cultures) from what children actually need in order to unfold optimally. 

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Pennie Brownlee

Author, Mother, Infant and Toddler Advocate

I am the mother of one, grandmother of two, and began my primary school teaching career way back in 1967.My early childhood experience began with motherhood, and it grew when our daughter Clare and I attended Thames-Parawai Playcentre in 1975. We both loved it so much we stayed there an extra year instead of going to school. It was there I had the time and space to observe what happens when children play and learn.
After five years of observing many children's creativity unfolding, I wrote "Magic Places: An Adults' Guide to Young Children's Creativity", published by New Zealand Playcentre Publications in 1983, revised in 2007, and completely rewritten in 2015. 

Since 1990 I have been facilitating residential retreats for parents and teachers throughout New Zealand, exploring creativity and learning, for both children and adults.In 2004, 2006, 2013 & 2014 I attended Summer Schools at the Emmi Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary. There my eyes were opened to what respect really looks like with infants, toddlers and young children.

Wanting to share the information that so inspired me, I designed and intensive course in 2005 - "Dance with me in the Heart • Level One". In 2008 I wrote "Dance With Me in the Heart: An Adults' Guide to Great Infant-Parent Partnerships". In 2011 I launched a 'portable course' for people who had done the "Dance with me in the Heart" training so they could go back to their own communities and seed the skills for "The Culture of Kindness" there.