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1-046 Developing your cultural competence

Facilitated by Barbara Watson (PhD) of InspirED ECE

Live and Recorded Webinar

Live Webinar Date 

Wednesday 17th August

Time & Duration

7:30pm Approx 60 minutes 


$35 Per person

What you are going to learn

Culture plays a central role in learners learning and in teachers’ teaching (whether we are aware of it or not). As teachers, we have the responsibility to cater for all children in ways that acknowledge and enhance their cultures, languages and identities.

To do this effectively we must become increasingly culturally competent. Cultural competence is defined as “the ability of a person to effectively interact, work, and develop meaningful relationships with people of various cultural backgrounds” (de Guzman et al., 2016).

This webinar will highlight some of the key attitudes and actions we must develop to be culturally competent. These include recognizing the effects our own cultural beliefs and biases have on our teaching, learning about other cultures in deep and meaningful ways and being able to walk in the shoes of those from cultures different to our own.
This webinar builds on the learning in our other recorded webinar "Unteach Racism and other biases."
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Barbara Watson

PhD; MEdAdmin; BEd (ECE); Dip.Tchg (Primary)
Barbara is a qualified early childhood and primary teacher and has owned and managed early childhood centres. Having worked as part of the EC Professional Support team at the Faculty of Education for 7 years, she has strong links with The University of Auckland.

While in this role Barbara facilitated a variety of workshops and programmes for a wide range of ECE services and also lectured on a number of ECE papers.Barbara has a passion for supporting teachers to make effective links between theory and practice. Her Masters thesis focused on leadership and adult education and her PhD investigated how induction and mentoring programmes are enacted in education and care services. Barbara works with centre leaders as a mentor, coach and external appraiser. 

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