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1-101 Recorded Webinar 
Unlocking the Puzzle: Demystifying Qualifications and Ratios in ECE Centers
Duration: Approx. 45 min
The rules and requirements for meeting ratios and staffing in ECE are a minefield.

Understanding what the regulations require and how to apply these to your particular setting can be incredibly confusing.

"Who can be counted as a person responsible?"
"What is the 50% staff qualification requirement and how does this relate to the different funding bands?"
"How do we correctly calculate ratios across a mixed age center?"

Watch Sue Kurtovich in this webinar to learn everything you need to know about:

  • Person Responsible requirements - the current regulations and what is changing in 2024
  • 50% staff qualification requirement – how it is measured and who counts
  • Adult:Child ratios – who counts as an adult and who counts as a child
  • Regulation 44a – using under 2s spare capacity when determining staffing requirements for 2s and overs
  • Who is qualified for funding purposes v for regulatory purposes.
Presented by Sue Kurtovich
ECE Management Consultant
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Learn more with Sue Kurtovich

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About the Webinar Presenter

Sue Kurtovich
Early Childhood Management Consulting

  • Specialist in early childhood education (ECE) centre administration and management
  • Over 30 years of sector experience
  • Extensive knowledge of the ECE regulatory environment
  • Strong policy and advocacy background
  • Confident and competent public speaker
  • Developer, designer and presenter of professional learning and development programmes
  • Former childcare centre owner, manager and administrator - 15 years
  • Former President of the largest representative body of licensed early childhood education centres in New Zealand, the Early Childhood Council (ECC) and Chief Executive - 12 years
  • Advisor, Life Member and Patron of the Early Childhood Council

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