1-005 Defining Your Local Curriculum

Presented by Bridgit Williams from Inspired ECE.

Recorded Webinar

Recording Date

14th April 2021


Approx 75 Minutes 


$30 per person*

*included in Members Club

What you are going to learn

Defining Your Local Curriculum

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The term “Local curriculum” has recently entered ECE discourse. It refers to the process of establishing and implementing a teaching and learning environment and programme that is reflective of your services priorities and foci for learning, drawn from Te Whāriki. In a nutshell, it is how you bring Te Whāriki to life in your service.

Your local curriculum will be unique to the context of your service and reflective of your learning community’s values. Your local curriculum will also be adaptable and responsive to what is currently important to the service, teachers, children and whānau.

This webinar includes;
  • Revision of key aspects of Te Whāriki so these can be drawn on in the design of your local curriculum
  • Describing and explaining how to define your service’s priorities and valued learning
  • Exploring ways to create alignment between your priorities and practice

Bridgit Williams

MProfStud(Ed); BA (Ed); DipTchgECE; PGDip Montessori
Bridgit has been a professional learning facilitator and mentor since 2008, previously with EC Professional Support at the University of Auckland. She believes effective leadership and ongoing professional learning are key to improving quality in early childhood education.
Bridgit completed her Masters degree in early 2015, looking specifically at the induction and mentoring of ECE teachers. Her professional interests include effective leadership and communication, inclusive teaching practice, intentional teaching and implementing authentic curriculum.