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Let's learn about Assessment and Learning Documentation

In this learning library we dive into assessment and learning documentation. This is often a very fraught and anxiety inducing area of practice for many early childhood educators and leaders. We are required to assess and plan for children's learning, but we often find ourselves overloaded and confused about what is best practice. 

It has increasingly become a burden on our time. For many educators it can feel like an immense pressure cooker, trying to pump out learning stories continuously.

Do these stories actually make a difference to outcomes for children anyway?

We have collected a useful range of resources to support your thinking and development of assessment and planning processes so that hopefully you can find solutions that work for you and your team, and that bring the joy back into documenting children's learning.

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Grow your basket of knowledge about assessment and learning documentation with these helpful resources, recorded webinars and courses

Three things you need to know about how we have got documentation practices wrong in ECE

The Role of Observation in an early childhood service

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Early Childhood Assessment

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If you are looking to clarify your understanding of what assessment means in early childhood education, this website spells it out in a clear and easy to understand description. 
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What is Assessment in ECE?

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Written by "The Education Hub" this reading explains what assessment means in a New Zealand early childhood context and makes connections with Te Whāriki. 
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Guidelines for Documenting children's learning

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This is a pdf download created by ACECQA for our Australian educators that explores what good documentation is. This includes guidelines for what to document, why and how.
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Aromatawai Assessment

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Use this downloadable workshop to evaluate, reflect, and refresh your thinking on your assessment processes.
You can work through the slides on your own or in a team meeting – where the reflective questions can prompt debate and discussion.
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