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You already know that at Enspirement we provide a centralised location for online courses, webinars and resources.

Now we’re making it even easier for
you to be at the top
of your online learning game. 
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Purchase a Subscription to Members Club to instantly access over 90 Courses, Webinars and Resources.
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Here's how it works

What is included in Members Club?


Our members have unlimited access to;
  • Regular live webinars, bringing you thought leaders and experts on a wide range of ECE topics.
  • An extensive recorded webinar catalogue so you can watch and learn any time on demand.
  • Over 75 online courses so you can learn and stay current in your practice as an educator and leader.
  • A collection of resources for educators and managers to make life easier in your every day work in ECE.
  • Certificates for all completed courses and webinars for your professional learning records.
  • Reporting for managers to monitor and track your team's use and success in Members Club.


And now Members Club also includes;
  • Live "Professional Growth Cycle Groups" facilitated by our experts via Zoom to complement and support your in centre PGCs.
  • Regular live Q&A sessions to answer your questions about anything to do with teaching, learning and leading in ECE.
  • Regular live coaching sessions, to support your development as an educator and leader.
  • Mentoring groups for provisionally certificated teachers and their mentors to complement your in centre induction and mentoring programme for Provisionally Certificated Teachers.
  • Customised workshops exclusively for your own teaching team. (*for members in our "Teams" and "Enterprise" pricing band).
  • The ability to collaborate, share and learn together as a team.
  • Access to the "Enspires" gallery. Which includes the ability to upload and share images from your ECE environment, and to collaborate with your team.

#Professional Growth Cycle Groups

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.
Our PGC groups support your in centre cycle, and are facilitated by our experts
via Zoom 

#Provisional Teacher Certification Groups

We provide the support and guidance that teachers and mentors need to successfully navigate through this provisional teacher certification.

#Regular live Q&A and Coaching Sessions

Our experienced thought leaders are live regularly online so that educators and leaders can tap in to have their questions answered on a wide range of topics.

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Subscription Options

Join Members Club as a Team

Subscribe as a team, pay by invoice and use the reporting feature to track your progress


Up to 14 Educators

Price per person
One invoice per person


Pay per month 
*includes GST


Pay per Funding Band 
4 Monthly 
*includes GST


Pay Annually 
*includes GST


15 to 79 Educators

Price per person
One invoice per team


Pay per month 
*includes GST


Pay per Funding Band 
4 Monthly 
*includes GST


Pay Annually 
*includes GST


80+ Educators

Price per person
One invoice per Enterprise


Pay per month 
*includes GST


Pay per Funding Band 
4 Monthly 
*includes GST


Pay Annually 
*includes GST
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We’re always brainstorming ways to provide better tools and resources for early childhood education superstars (that’s you!) and we think we’ve struck gold here.

Exclusive Members Club!

Now you’ll not only get immediate access to all of our resources, but also a brilliant community of other early childhood educators and experts.

  And if you’re an early childhood service, you can provide a consolidated and streamlined membership for all your team,
so they’re always up to date on best practice.

Are you a Centre Manager, Professional Learning or Curriculum Leader?

Join Members Club as a Team! 
And use our content in members club to complement your
"in house" professional learning program.
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We will help you get your team inspired to upskill along side you with our team membership options. 
As a team leader you will have up to the minute reporting access of your team members progress in Members Club.

Accountability measures for managers

Monitor your teacher's use of Members Club, check their progress and certificates with our easy reporting function for managers.
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Join members club today!

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Get a certificate of completion for every course and webinar completed

Perfect for your professional learning records.

So, if you prioritise staying current with the latest expectations and requirements in ECE and you want to continue to learn and grow as a professional,
the Enspirement Members Club will tick all the boxes.

We think that deserves a gold star!

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Members club brought to you by 

Enspirement and
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Frequently asked questions

What do I get in members club?

You get unlimited 24/7 access to all of our webinar recordings, live webinar, short courses, tools, templates, resources and regular live Q&A sessions. We are adding new items to members club every month. The learning is ongoing! PLUS you can join one of our professional growth cycle groups or provisional teacher certification groups.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes you can choose not to renew your subscription at any time. We would be sorry to see you go, but we understand. You can manage your subscription from your personal dashboard. There are no refunds for unused time left in your subscription.  

Can we replace a person in our membership if someone leaves our service and we have paid for an annual membership?

Yes no problemo! If someone leaves your service that you have paid for, we can simply remove them from the membership and replace them with your new team member. Easy Peasy.

Can I sign up multiple team members across a group of ECE services?

Yes! Our teams and Enterprise membership options means that if you manage more than one ECE service, you can enrol multiple teachers and leaders from across your group. We manage all of the memberships for you. So if anyone leaves we can easily remove them from your group membership and replace them with someone new. We can also provide regular reports on which parts of the membership each of your team have utilised, courses completed, and webinars watched so that you know your team is making the most of this amazing opportunity.

How do I manage my subscription?

Just use the  Account section under the "Me" Tab in the top right hand corner of your screen. As always contact us if you need a hand. 

My Credit Card expired! How do I update my payment details?

You can check on your credit card details in your Account section under the "Me" Tab in the top right hand corner of your screen. 

My membership was cancelled. How do I rejoin? 

If your subscription to Members Club has been cancelled or you let your payment lapse and it has paused. You just need to come back to the "Join Members Club" page and repurchase a subscription. Your courses will pick up right where you left off.  

Have more questions?

Send us a message to learn more about Membership or to book a demonstration.