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1-023 Safety Checking Of Children's Workers

Presented by Sue Kurtovich of Kurtovich Consulting

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5 May 2021


Approx 75 Minutes


$30 per person

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Safety Checking Of "Children's Workers"

“Please Do Not Get Your Regulatory Compliance fact checking from Face Book!"
Sue Kurtovich 
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  • Are you feeling confused and worried about the requirements for Staff Safety Checking?
  • Do you know the requirements for checking of new permanent staff, relievers, and students?
  • Do you understand your obligations to recheck staff periodically?
  • Is your safety checking procedure and paperwork compliant?
  • Did you know that your centre’s licence is at risk if you do not have your staff safety checking process 100% correct?

    ERO is currently working through all ECE services across New Zealand on the first part of the new review process and staff safety checking is the hot priority. Are you 100% confident that your service complies with the legislation and regulatory requirements? 

Join Sue Kurtovich and ECE Learning Unlimited in this webinar to hear Sue explain EXACTLY what you need to know, and do to be 100% confident that you have this process correct.

Everyone who registers for this webinar will also get a copy of Sue’s Seven Point Safety Checklist + also a 3 Yearly Recheck process for use in your service.

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Sue Kurtovich

ECE Management Consultant
Former President of the largest representative body of licensed early childhood education centres in New Zealand, the Early Childhood Council (ECC) and Chief Executive - 12 years

Sue has a long history in New Zealand as a trusted specialist in early childhood education (ECE) centre administration and management. With over 25 years of sector experience and extensive knowledge of the ECE regulatory environment.

Sue has a strong policy and advocacy background and is a confident and competent public speaker. She is also a developer, designer and presenter of professional learning and development programmes.

As a former childcare centre owner, manager and administrator for fifteen years, Sue understands what it feels like to be at the coal face of ECE centre manager.