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ECE teachers and leaders

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How many times have you been asked "Have you got any readings on that topic?" 

And then you have to go searching for something relevant or a dog eared copy that you printed years ago.

We love making life easier for early childhood teachers and leaders. So we have compiled a collection of downloadable readings for you to share. 

Covering a wide range of topics, these readings are provided as a pdf so you can download, print or email easily.

New readings added every month!

Readings for  experienced and beginner early childhood teachers and leaders

Understanding Dispositions

Ten tips for settling new infants and toddlers

Being a leader of learning is vital

Seven tips for getting your manager to listen to you

And many more!

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New resources added every month.

 Angela Bush

Angela is a degree qualified and registered ECE teacher, multiple ECE centre owner, curriculum leader and business manager of ECE Learning Unlimited. With over thirty years in ECE and centre ownership, Angela has a wealth of experience and knowledge in successful ECE leadership and centre management.
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Over the years Angela has also had roles as a lecturer in ECE, nanny, teacher, and mentor. Angela has a particular passion for infants and toddlers and for providing the best possible educare that we can for our youngest children. She has a bias for the RIE approach, and is on a mission to help other ECE professionals love this philosophy too.

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