Understanding the  RIE and
Pikler Approaches

Written by angela bush
My personal journey in early childhood education began a long time ago. I first came across the RIE approach in the early 2000’s and was most fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles in 2008 where I attended the RIE Foundations programme. A life changing experience for sure.

RIE is such an amazing approach to caring for infants and toddlers, that I want to shout it from the rooftops so that every parent, every early childhood teacher, and every human being could understand that RESPECT for our youngest children will change the world.
Magda Gerber who is the founder of RIE, initially worked with Dr Emmi Pikler in Hungary, which is where the Pikler approach originates. This is why you will see there are a lot of parallels between these two amazing approaches to infant and toddler care.

The terms “Educaring” and “Educarer” were created by Magda Gerber, to encapsulate the significance of education and care being intertwined. As Magda said “We should educate while we care, and care while we educate.”

It makes sense when you consider that so much of our time with infants is engaged in care moments, that we are not only caring for them but through our very interactions with them they are learning all about how this world functions, and how people treat each other.

In the middle of 2020 I started a new face book group “Primary Caregiving and RIE/Pikler influenced ECE.” My intentions were to create a space where passionate infant and toddler early childhood teachers with an interest in the RIE and Pikler approaches could learn, share and grow together. I am by no means an expert on these approaches. Like all of you, I am also on a continuous journey of learning and growth. But these two approaches appeal so much to me because they speak to the heart of caring for infants and toddlers – with respectful educaring.

You can join this face book group if you are interested at https://www.facebook.com/groups/869290110216854

I have personally been involved in early childhood education for almost thirty years. Which means I now have grey hair! But I still feel a thrill when I have the opportunity to observe infants and toddlers at play, when I see the fruits of a respectful, trusting relationship with an infant, and when I see other infant and toddler specialists being authentic and loving this most important work.

Because we are all at different stages in our knowledge and understanding of respectful practice, I thought it might be useful to start at the beginning and refresh our knowledge of both approaches. So over the coming months I plan to share a break down of the RIE principles one at a time, with some deeper digging into what these are about, and what they mean for us in group care practice.
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