Written by angela bush

Mantras for Infant Educarers

When we care for infants it can be easy to forget why this is such an important role. But the quality of care that we give to our infants is critical for their future, and for ours. It is these babies that we hold in our arms today, who will be the decision makers of the future, and who will hold us in our older age.

When you are in the trenches, when you are feeling like you need to get off the hamster wheel - remember you are playing an important role in the life of this child.

This week's mantras for infant and toddler caregivers...
  • Every care moment is an opportunity for relationship.
  • Every care moment I am filling up this child's emotional tank.
  • Every care moment I am building this child's brain.
  • Every care moment this child knows that they are loved.

I am an amazing caregiver/nanny/early childhood teacher/parent.
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